Kickass and election cancelled


Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the election for POTUS scheduled for a year from today has been cancelled due to the threat of high water from global raining caused by the US’s withdrawal from the atmosphere.   There will, of course, be some limited voting—by the owners of huge yachts and Russian submarines, but regular voters, like those living in Wisconsin, will be drowned if they dare to show up at the polls.  Wisconsin farmers will be exempted from actual drowning since most of them are already drowning in debt due to the inane policies of the current administration.  Meanwhile, millionaire legislators hold firm against increasing the Federal legal minimum wage of $7.25; and in Wisconsin, legislators Voss and Fitzgerald ignore the wishes of 82 percent of the citizens and refuse to bring up the subject of gun regs or explain the stench emanating from their respective legislative chambers.

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