Kickass and Election Day

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the keeper and Phyllis will be doing their part on this election day to fumigate the Wisconsin State Capital of the minority representation that has denied Wisconsin residents a democracy since the Gerrymandered Walker “FoxyCon” job of some years ago.

The politicized state supreme court needs to elect Judge Janet Protasiewicz to begin the state government’s agonizing creep back to what it once was–respectful of the citizens’ wishes.

A majority of Wisconsin residents want women to control their own bodies. Women are prevented from doing so by archaic laws from the 1800’s enacted by the current Republican legislature and supported by the supreme court.

Out of state money and narcissistic arrogance control Wisconsin, making it okay to insult and abuse women and doctors, and to make Wisconsin the ONLY state where it is okay to violate the sanctity of the forests by permitting the summer “training” of bear hounds. This travesty attracts knuckle-dragging hounders from all over the country. The keeper sees Wisconsin as a dog kennel being run by inbred feral cats, and he is inclined to put himself and Phyllis up for adoption and hope for Canada which is where Phyllis was born and raised and still has hospitable family members.

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