Kickass and election day

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes–with the keeper, that Wisconsin’s Apr. 7. 2020  Election Day appropriately arrived in a blanket of morning fog and got increasingly obscured as the day went on.  The circumstances by which Republican politicos—-Vos, Fitzgerald, Trump, and supreme courts on both state and national levels used the horror and fear of the coronavirus to force Wisconsin voters to risk their lives to vote is so outrageous the keeper finds it impossible to stay within the bounds of even the most extreme ranting.  He therefore offers a little poem:

Oh truth and decency, where did you go?

The virus got you, that we know.

But all you pols representing the riches.

Who denied the vote to poor son-of-a-bitches,

How do you look yourself in the eye

And then tell yourself, “I’m a helluva guy?”

Your mamas raised fools, and it’s sad to see.

How you put state voters up in a tree.

They’ll climb down someday, with ballots in hand,

To vote your narcissistic asses off the land.

Wisconsin Badgers have had it up to here

And they toast your demise with a glass of cold beer.











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