Kickass and elephant impeachment

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in seeing today’s impeachment as the day the keystone-cop park rangers, in their money-driven narcissism, finally confront some of the unconscionable elephant poachers out there on the great savannah.

In viewing today’s actual proceedings for what they show in the way of vile and cruel manipulation of the herd for profit and recognition, it is easier and more fitting to think of elephants than of people.  An example in Nature of the absurdity currently playing out on the human political front is tough to come by.  Only the lemmings in their mass suicidal plunge comes to mind; and the elephants, of course, conveniently symbolizing the Repubs as they lumber stoically from one money hole to the next while being tormented by greedy jackals, and slaughtered by indifferent poachers.

Can it be that the elephants have finally had all they can take—including crippling poverty and wholesale death and inexcusable destruction of their symbolic refuge?  Did the fumbling park rangers finally get the message: the poachers have, at long last, gone too far and something must be done?

The photo of a smug-looking Donald Trump Jr. holding the severed tail of an elephant that he killed seems to pretty much tell it all.






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