Kickass and elephant resignation

Kickass. the doorstop dog, always anxious to assist in animal welfare matters, joins the keeper in helping the elephants in their desperate attempt to resign as the Repub party mascot.  In a document headed “We remember too much,” the elephants have petitioned to be immediately removed as the GOP party mascot, with all records of their political involvement forthwith expunged.

The elephants’ action follows their careful consideration of the Trump administration removal of the ban on the importation of elephant parts; and the fact that the internet photo is still available showing Donald Trump Jr. holding the severed tail of an elephant he had killed as a “trophy hunter.”

Citing their inability to forget a time when the GOP had some respect and decency, the elephants say they simply can no longer abide the narcissistic liars and pitiful sycophants who now run the party’s misogynistic strip show.

In the meantime, the Democrats’ donkey mascot advises the elephants that their problem goes beyond “abide” to “A Biden;” and come Nov. 3, the White House circus will end and the elephants will be as out-of-work as the 20 million American victims of Trump’s ignorance and ineptness.



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