Kickass and evolutionary restraint

Kickass, the doorstop dog, stands aside as the keeper sorts through what is either an epiphany or the onset of serious dementia.  It comes in the form of a conclusion that so called civilized constraints on instinctive response to serious threat has made possible a world leader as mass murderer.  How else to explain the long term—four-year, acceptance of a narcissist who uses the advent of a pandemic that kills millions to further his self image?

In earlier evolutionary modes, such a leader would necessarily be set upon by the tribe and forcefully removed before his obviously destructive unfitness brought on species extinction.

However, down through the ages, chasing a crippling evolutionary leader to hell out of the jungle has morphed into elections and rules of law and other niceties.  Such “advances” of civilization have moved the keeper and his ilk to nothing more than using the media for ineffective critical cleverness, and to reporting on the “peaceful” marches and demonstrations of an outraged and grieving and helpless populace.

But in this posture of moral reclining and civilized restraint, there come moments when there is an animal-like stirring as deep down as the remnants of a tail: “We must forcefully remove that SOB before he kills us all!”

If it were an epiphany wouldn’t this base reflex message from long gone evolutionary millennia come with instructions on how to accomplish the removal?

It must be dementia, the keeper says, and there is small comfort in knowing that it is collective.







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