Kickass and Facebook bull

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper uses Facebook largely to stay in contact with family and friends and to distribute his rants that otherwise only I would hear, and quite frankly, as a dog, I am not often as amused as he seems to think I should be.  But now Facebook announces that hanging around this community bulletin board may expose us all to something akin to offensive psychological and social farts, possibly from Putin’s minions.

Well, damn, Zuckerberg, if you are indeed a community bulletin board, and not a neighborhood newspaper where some control and veracity might be expected, then you are obligated to remind us all on a daily basis that most of what is on Facebook is as close to bullshit as it it possible to get without actually involving a bull.

That would, of course, include the keeper’s contributions, a judgment he says he is prepared to accept.


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