Kickass and fearless mice

Kickass, the doorstop dog, understanding how difficult it is for the keeper and his ilk to deal with the many things there are to fear in their lives—monsters, calamity, politicians, he—Kickass, is happy to pass along scientific news of a circumstance that removes a mouse’s fear of cats and would seem to have possible human application, perhaps drawing people out from under their beds where many of them have been cowering since the 2016 election.

Science News reports that when a mouse gets Toxoplasma gondi, a parasitic infection, it loses its fear of cats and other predators.  The article participants—one of whom–Laura Knoll, is from the UW, used words like “ bravery” and “open-minded” and “go everywhere” in describing the infected mice.

While humans can get Toxoplasma, the effects are as yet unclear.  It seems to Kickass, however, that anything that might encourage people to lose their fear of the current POTUS is definitely worthy of further study and would be invaluable to the cowardly Repub Senators now as impeachment commences.


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