Kickass and feeling sorry for self

Kickass, the doorstop dog, cannot control the keeper’s inclination to feel sorry for himself which was on prominent display recently when he was prevented by health circumstances from attending the Madison Library event that offered three of the major “must-attend” ingredients: Something free—a book, invigorating discussion, and the chance to see old friends.

Deprived by the precepts of advanced age with the restorative power of crying, the keeper stoically laments missing David Mariness whose father Elliot was a sometime drinking companion at the old Congress bar, Doug Moe who has been a good friend forever, and Marv Levy who was once—briefly, a Wis State Journal reporter and wrote a story about the keeper receiving an award from Gov. Knowles.

As it turned out the event was SRO, Marv was not likely there, and Phyllis told the keeper that he could afford to buy David’s latest—“Path Lit by Lightning” the Jim Thorpe story, which, of course he will do as soon as his tears dry up enough so he can read.

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