Kickass and Feinstein

Kickass, the doorstop dog, having agreed to let the keeper into the “old dog” club, hereby extends the invitation to Dianne Feinstein, and reminds her that her days of chasing squirrels and dog-park dominance are over and she needs to take up serious napping.

Physical decline starts early in the human species and it is a difficult thing to accept even as it presents irrefutable evidence, particularly in later life–walking canes and walkers come to mind.

  Mentally it is quite a different thing as humans, like the keeper, and Dianne, just keep getting smarter and smarter until one day they are so smart they cannon remember their own name.

Words like “wisdom” and “experience” dominate their aging vocabularies, when the truth is they lack not only the physical reflexes but also the mental acuity to steer the boat through the fast water, especially when it might be headed over the falls.

Being one of them, the keeper dearly loves old people, especially Phyllis, of course, but he would like to see a younger crowd more in charge of everything, including the White House, the Supreme Court and the Senate.

Come on, Dianne, join the club of “has beens.” It’s not a bad place, the keeper has enjoyed membership for years.

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