Kickass and fledging madness

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper had fully intended to comment on the abrupt fledging of the robins outside his bedroom window, perhaps wallowing in excessive anthropologic drivel about the young gone from the nest and somewhere down in the jungle of the wooded side-hill where it is impossible for the adults to even bring them an occasional worm.

But then it was reported that the president of the US with the wellbeing of the world in his hands had found the time to “tweet” eight times on the subject of a fired black female aide who now says he is not the hotshot she once thought he was.

The tweeter, in fact, called her a “dog,” which requires little translation, and is not as insulting to Kickass as it is to the keeper, who is sorry he simply could not hang with the robins, and who may spend part of the day trying to find a worm for one of his long-ago fledged offspring as they try to cope with utter madness in the White House.

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