Kickass and four sons

Kickass, the doorstop dog says the keeper appreciates all the help he gets with posting ammunition, and is indebted to grandson Steve for unearthing an old photo taken by the keeper of the keeper’s four sons as he and his family paused in Glacier National Park on their way to the 1963 World’s Fair in Seattle.

The photo shows the four boys posing with empty tin plates as the keeper fried up fresh caught trout inside the tiny travel trailer that was the family home for them, their mother and sister for almost a month of endless can-you-top-this adventures that really kicked off the keeper’s newspaper column writing career.  The first compilation of his columns was a little hard cover book entitled Ship The Kids On Ahead which is still available from him. That title was born somewhere between Madison and Seattle.

Left to right the boys are Mike, Larry, Scott—Steve’s father, and Rick, and let the record show that the keeper loved them for what they were then and loves them for what they are now 60 years later. Their sister and mother would be proud.

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