Kickass and Friday night fishfry

Kickass, the doorstop dog, unlike the keeper, is not a big fish eater, but tolerates the Friday night fish fry tradition as just another Wisconsin behavioral aberration, in the class with ice fishing and wearing cheese-head hats.  Kickass does wonder why not involve something other than fish and have Friday night chicken chaws, or maybe Friday night pork chop chomps?  Beef bone brawls?

This Friday, the fish-fry deep-fryers will in effect be manned (womaned?) by the Wisconsin Stupreme court justices who opened the taverns a couple of weeks ago, apparently to facilitate the spread of the coronavirus in line with the PUTUS contention that the risk of dying is worth it if the tavern-keepers—and the undertakers, make some money, and remember to vote GOP.  The surge in Wisconsin coronavirus cases and deaths two weeks after the Kenosha area taverns hosted hundreds of unmasked guests, many from Illinois, speaks to the high court’s great wisdom.

The keeper finds that the average cost of a funeral in Wisconsin is $4,500, less than the national average of $7,045.   Multiply that $4,500 by the 556 Wisconsin coronavirus deaths and you have a real boost to the state’s economy.  Time to buy a beer for the Stupreme Court crew back there on the deep-fryers.

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