Kickass and Friday the 13th

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is suffering from “triskaidekaphobia,” which everyone knows is fear of Friday the 13 and is particularly serious today as it combines with a raging coronavirus pandemic that has infected 10 million in the US, killed more than 240,000, and appears about to usher in an incredibly dark season for a fractured and naïve populace.

That the defeated and pouting narcissistic POTUS refuses to even acknowledge the threat and cooperate with simple preventative measures that could save thousands of lives is beyond belief; as is the Wisconsin GOP legislature’s opposition to Gov. Evers attempts to wrest disease control issues from the state’s tavern-keepers.  There were 7,497 new Covid19 cases in Wis. Thursday, 58 more deaths and 441 patients in ICUs where the threat of bed unavailability is exceeded only by dire staff shortages.

Nobody is untouched.  The keeper and Phyllis count the days since they were informed of positive test results among residents where they live.  They—the keeper and Phyllis are asymptomatic and expect negative results of their personal tests any day now: Friday the 13th would be fine.






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