Kickass and frozen puppy

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has been assisting the keeper in processing news that a perfectly preserved puppy that had been frozen for 18,000 years was recently dug up out of Siberian ice, and speculation is that it might be the missing link between wolves and dogs.  While the story of wolves becoming domesticated dogs is widely accepted, and seems to be an evolving one whereby dogs assume more and more authority in human lives, it is the opinion of Kickass and the keeper that this entire thing has peaked out and is about to be reversed.  A recent indication is that no dog is willing to share life with the current occupants of the White House.  Also, when the dog-human living arrangement reached the point where humans were conditioned to pick up doggie-do and carry it home in little plastic bags, the sense among dogs was that things had gone about as far as they should.  It was also learned that the entire White House staff was so busy picking up the constant mysterious accumulation of bovine waste that it did not have time for a dog.  Scientists call the frozen Siberian puppy “Dogor.” Kickass feels a kinship and will be moving a bit closer to the fire for his napping.


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