Kickass and funeral pageantry

Kickass, the doorstop dog, using his superpowers of communication, has it on the kind of authority that is the base of Fox Fairy tales, that aides at Mar A Lago are pouring over tapes of the recent Queen funeral pageantry to see just how the very successful world publicity might be duplicated for the Orange Prince of Propaganda.

Word is that when it was pointed out to the OPP that it would be necessary for him to die to command comparable attention, his response was to hire resurrection experts from the ranks of his supporters, many of whom were already vying to be honorary pallbearers.

Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis has chartered aircraft to fly the entire Mar A Lago complex to Disneyland, except for 14 boxes of romance novels.

Kickass followers can rest assured that he and the keeper will continue to follow this most fascinating issue, and there will be further reports.

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