Kickass and gas cap warning light

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that things continue to happen in the keeper’s life that prevent him from going completely bonkers over current legislation to degrade national parks, encourage water pollution, destroy public schools, give tax breaks to the rich, bully immigrants, and prevent women from making decisions about their own bodies.

The diversion was a simple thing: the warning lights on his recently acquired car indicated that the ABS brake system was threatened, a driver’s guidance system was not working, and neither was the integrated cruise control.  The keeper made an immediate appointment—the soonest available was a week out, with the dealership, and worried that in the meantime he might crash into somebody or something at any minute.

Then the keeper saw an internet video in which the driver of a vehicle like his (Subaru) reported that after going to great trouble with a similar warning-light problem–crawling in mud to inspect things and replacing brake parts, somebody told him to tighten the gas cap.  Eureka!

And, damned if that incredibly illogical quirk didn’t do the job on the keeper’s vehicle!  When he tightened the gas cap the brake warning lights went out and everything returned to normal.  Somewhere an automotive designer must be giggling.  So is the keeper as the obtuse incident kept his mind off things like impeachment and a deteriorating planet.


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