Kickass and geese on the roof

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that within the intimacy between couples as it pertains to matters of reproduction and family rearing, there is untold opportunity for speculation by outsiders who must ultimately conclude that what goes on is really a private matter.  When the issue jumps to other species it becomes even more of a mystery, and this is particularly relevant now as creatures of all kinds tune up their reproduction techniques and do things that seem to be totally off the wall—or the roof, as in the case of the two squabbling geese on the roof of the Coventry Village building where Phyllis and the keeper reside.

What was going on between those two geese in their frenzied honking machinations is as much of an unknown as what neighbors do in the name of reproduction and family raising.

The keeper sees himself like the starling nesting in the downspout as it watched the geese from its eves-trough perch and obviously concluded it was really none of its business, but even from an outsider’s position, it was a heck-of-a show.

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