Kickass and getting ready for bed

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis came away from a delicious corned beef dinner at Kim and Dick’s with some revision to their long term leases on life.

The occasion was grandson Steve’s 39th birthday, and the evening featured the seemingly endless production of preparing five great grandchildren–all under the age of five, for bed; and given the keeper’s position on the other end of the age spectrum, it was a vivid demonstration of how the more things change through the years, the more they seem to stay the same: a full stomach, exhaustion from a full day of enjoyable activity, the close proximity of family and the take-for-granted abundance of love that that circumstance provides—all of these elements are more than enough to make the prospect of going to bed a very appealing one whether you are two years old or ……..oh, never mind:  The keeper’s age as a golf or bowling score would be obscene, so he tries to view it simply as a number, and whatever it is, there are certain things that condition him—like a two-year- old, to like the prospect of going to bed.  Joining Phyllis there is, of course, a nice bonus.  Someday, if the great grand-kids are lucky, they will appreciate that timeless verity.

Kickass says getting ready for bed is over-rated as an activity: you simply crawl up on the couch or flop down on the floor and that’s it!  It is one of the few areas where dogs outdo cats.



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