Kickass and gift of a cold

Kickass, the doorstop dog, cannot help but admire the way the keeper and Phyllis dealt with the Christmas gift exchange issue by sharing a common cold. It was apparently Phyllis’s idea as she shopped around until she found a cold that suited her and after wrapping herself in it for several days she very generously gave it to the keeper.

 While it may not be appropriate to look a gift cold in the mouth, or the nose or the throat, Phyllis could not be expected to know that it has been a lifetime verity that while other people get colds, the keeper gets a COLD that is so much worse than anyone else’s that he has been known to go to bed and whimper for hot drinks and sympathetic attention.

This “give-a-cold” gift exchange scheme breaks down, of course, now as the keeper has been only a recipient but not a giver.  In the spirit of it-is-better-to-give-than-receive, the keeper would give Phyllis Covid if he had it but he doesn’t according to a test administered by Phyllis.

Maybe instead of a malady of some kind, the keeper will give Phyllis a box of candy. She loves chocolate.

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