Kickass and Girl Scout cookies

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper is proud to announce that his wife Phyllis is an honorary Girl Scout, at least for Girl Scout Cookie purposes around Vista West where they live.

Deputized by official Girl Scout great granddaughter Margue and accompanied by Margue’s parents Ohm and Andy as well as brother River and sister Millia, honorary Girl Scout Phyllis oversaw the distribution of the many boxes of cookies she had pre sold to morning coffee friends and others.

In her zeal to be a good Girl Scout cookie agent, the keeper is informed that Phyllis sold the cookies that had been intended for home consumption by herself and the keeper.

It may not be seemly to pout in the presence of the Girl Scout cookie crowd, but the keeper can’t help it!

What, the keeper asks, is the point of a Girl Scout cookie wife without cookies?

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