Kickass and global chaos

Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries to assist the keeper in “fetching” some of the more intransitive and outrageous results of the global writhing brought on by acknowledging the verity that racism pervades the human race.  From Sucker Carlson’s FOX news claim that the protestors are part of a Dem. plot to take over the world, to Roger Goodell’s obscene attempt to claim the NFL really believes that black lives matter, and on to a hopelessly narcissistic POTUS waving a Bible while obviously intimidated by the possibility that if he should take a knee he might not be able to get back up; all of these things and more put a wobble in the spinning of the Earth that may not be correctable.

Something so obviously out of kilter as white police-force members driving in from their homes in leafy suburbs to administer their use-the-club version of law and order in down-trodden black communities, or a legislator voting to keep the\minimum wage at poverty levels while bemoaning protest actions, or a proselytizing evangelical trying to sell Jesus to the homeless and helpless, these circumstances all point to the road ahead, one that has been detoured around since Lincoln made it illegal to own, sell and brutalize human beings.

But a Proclamation having to do with skin color doesn’t really do much in the face of undeniable human biases and insecurities.  The long delayed realization of that may be behind the ongoing uprising around the planet.

Kickass hopes so since he prefers that the keeper’s rants deal with such things as sunshine and flowers.


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