Kickass and going to hell

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in noting that the latest Trump campaign tweet has it that those who do not vote for the liar-in-chief are going to hell.  The keeper hastens to point out that hell, crowded with everyone’s friends, is not such a bad place: there is no room for social distancing and the only masks are worn by former members of congress trying to project a personal heavenly image.

The keeper’s authority for commenting on hell rests partially in the fact that over his long life, many people have suggested that he should go there, or that he was already in hell by dint of having done something that qualified him as a Hades resident.  Some of this has been the result of his—the keeper’s inclination to reject popular definitions of hell-qualifying sin, particularly if the definitions clashed with his idea of “fun.”

It is a comfort to the keeper that the POTUS, Pence, etal have self-identified as sure bets for avoiding hell, since their presence there would have a dampening effect on the eternal hereafter party.

Kickass adds that all dogs are happy to go to hell since all the cats have used their arrogance to flim-flam their way into Heaven, or at least purgatory.

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