Kickass and good news

Kickass, the doorstop dog, listens to the keeper’s constant ranting and lamenting over various kinds of news—bad, fake, “breaking,” old, and on and on; but yesterday was a day of such “good” news that the keeper broke out the dusty equipment of euphoria and celebration: Phyllis’s immunotherapy cancer treatment is doing its job!

This is the kind of news that puts everything into perspective: never mind idiot politicians, pandemics, hurricanes and all the rest of the morbid daily accounting: when the news is literally a new lease on life, that is all that matters.

Phyllis shared the good news in a restrained report to friends; and she and the keeper had one of those life re-sets that included symbolic shopping for green bananas and toasting a future that is, uncertain as always, but joyous for today.

So it is more or less that way for everyone, the keeper proclaims: in a world of global chaos and calamity, bad news prevails and personal news tends to a similar bleakness. But some “good” personal news eventually comes to everyone, often emerging from darkness.

When that happens, Kickass says to run like hell with it!




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