Kickass and goodbye tractor


Kickass, the doorstop dog, has been enlisted to aid the keeper in getting through some emotional upheaval having to do with his selling a tractor.  A tractor, for god’s sake!  The keeper says he comes from a long line of people who used horses as sources of power and they inevitably became attached to the animals over time, and that is what happened to him—the keeper, in regard to his little John Deere that he used largely to clear the snow off his mountain-road driveway.  Other than that, the tractor was stored in its shed and occasionally the keeper would check the battery charge and say a word or two in tractor language, maybe something to the effect that it was only a matter of time until the two of them—tractor and keeper, would be together again.  However, changing circumstances dictated that the keeper sell his tractor and so he did.  And in the aftermath, he remembers about 100 years ago when his father sold a beloved team of horses, and as the truck pulled away, his father went into the empty horse stalls and stood leaning his head against the wall for a long time.  But a tractor!  Come on, keeper.  Get real!

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