Kickass and grand-pups


Kickass, the doorstop dog, says that considering the delight that people take in grandchildren, it is too bad that dogs’ life styles do not present more of an opportunity to take pleasure in grand-pups.

The keeper and Phyllis are perhaps typical of that expansive age group that holds grandchildren to be totally worth the trouble and expense of having reared their—the grandchildren’s parents.  How such wonderful little—and even bigger, humans can be produced by their own kids is an unspoken mystery to most people, and hints to the possibility of the highest human qualities sometimes skipping a generation.

Without grandparents’ flagrant boasting and promotion of grandchildren on Facebook, there would be little more there than show business romances, political rants and cat photos.

Now into the era of great grandchildren, the keeper is partial to the ones who are just “grand” because they are old enough to plow driveways, bring casseroles and tune in the TV set when he screws it up.

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