Kickass and grandchildren

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis have documented that almost all age-related infirmities are vastly ameliorated by visits from grandchildren.

Their irrefutable evidence has moved them to develop something they call the Generational Glue Treatment (GGT) based on the fact that personal exposure to grandchildren acts to temporarily release chemicals in old brains that erases concerns about such things as joint replacement, mysterious pain, abnormal heartbeat and digestive irregularity.

Most recently it was Bud and Jessica with updates on their adoption efforts. Then it was Jessy with a report on her trip to Puerto  Rico. And before that it was Alexis with an account of working as a member of the Marshfield Fire Department.

There are grandchildren out there—and you know who you are, who in your busy lives forget your GGT responsibilities. But redemption is as easy as dropping in on grandma or grandpa. They will feel so much better for it and so will you!

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