Kickass and granddaughter goodbye

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper and Phyllis that, while there was a time when grandchildren grew up and lived out their lives on adjoining farms or in houses down the block where it was possible for grandparents to have frequent contact and to admire and adulate the kids’ every move, todays mobile culture scatters grandkids to the wind like so many fledged birds and they may or may not reside on the same continent with grandma and grandpa.

It was just one more thing–along with traffic congestion and airports, for the keeper and his ilk to fret about, as goodbyes were said to granddaughter Sarah, her husband Jessy and dog Boo as they packed it up and headed for the great adventure fields of California.

They will be missed, though they promise frequent visits and electronic contact; and it would be selfish to discourage them from chasing their dreams. But so far in this crazy “zooming” world there is no satisfactory way for the keeper to exchange hugs with a granddaughter who is half a continent away.

Good luck Sarah and Jessy and Boo! We’ll be thinking about you.

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