Kickass and grandfather embarrassment

Kickass, the doorstop dog, assists the keeper in sending a message to his grandsons in the mode of the one that JFK’s grandson recently sent in which he said his grandfather was an embarrassment due in part for spreading utterly harmful bull—-.

So listen up here Nick and Tony and Paul and Beau and Bud and Andy and Steve and all you little great-grandsons, when the day comes that you feel compelled to comment on the activity of your grandfather, keep in mind that it was his lifetime job to spread information and he lived with the knowledge that any part of that information would be construed as bull—-, but not “harmful” bull—-.

Truth was always the byword, dear grandsons, and if your grandfather’s work occasionally drifted into the area of bull—-, it was simply because that is the way it really was.

Such as in the present when bull—- carries the day to the extent that great masses of people mistake bull—- for cushioning and wallow in it like demented hippos.

The message to you grandsons is this: if you have to say something about Pa-B or the old man or whatever you call him, he asks that you remember that his bull—- was never intentionally “harmful.”

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