Kickass and grandparents at protests

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper has moved beyond his suggestion for outlawing the word “police” and replacing it with “friend;” and he is now suggesting that the current protestors across the country no longer face the young male-dominated, testosterone-stuffed forces now in protest control places, but instead be held to account by lined-up grandparents, both grandmas and grandpas

It is the keeper’s thinking that if a protestor looks up to see his or her grandma or grandpa as the limiting authority in protest activity, there might be a different thought process.  There is, of course, the likely possibility that the protestors and the grandparents would comingle until there were no longer “sides” but one outraged group ready to make meaningful social changes.  That seems like a risk worth taking.

As very veteran grandparents (great), the keeper and Phyllis are ready to volunteer for duty at any protest location, including the Lincoln Monument, but they will draw the line at serving in the proximity of the White House: the threat of tear gas is one thing, the likelihood of a bull—- shower is quite another.



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