Kickass and gravity manipulation

Kickass, the doorstop dog, and the keeper have inside information that in a last minute tactic, the Trump campaign is denying the force of gravity, and telling all over-weight prospective voters that their bathroom scales have been corrupted by the Dems and they—prospective voters, do not weigh as much as their scales seem to indicate.

At a recent airport-hanger rally, Trump—who has been described as “obese” by health experts, said the Dems, led by the svelte Biden, have conspired with so-called scientists to amp up gravity until the image of overweight GOP fat cats has become so obvious that it is recognizable by the populace, particularly the lightweight unemployed and those skinny people working two minimum-wage jobs.

The Dem’s gravity manipulation is all related to “fracking,” according to Trump, and was first identified by Chris Christie who told followers that there was no way he could weigh as much as his scale showed.

An appeal aimed at overweight voters, particularly those who are dieting or plan to diet, is seen by the GOP as having wide application and fits the mode of ignoring the truth in favor of lies, even when the lies come from bathroom scales.

“Global warming and global weighing are hoaxes aimed at destroying my presidential image,” Trump told a rally crowd. “Nobody has done more for obesity than I have except maybe Lincoln and Taft, at 350 pounds, in a before-and-after setting.”




The roots of obesity are complex and include genetics and other factors beyond individual choice, research shows.

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