Kickass and gravity

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is impressed with the keeper’s observation that gravity—as in “weight” is life’s greatest challenge, never mind such things as breathing and avoiding disease.  This epiphany came to the keeper at a recent family gathering as he watched little creepers try to become toddlers so they could run upright through life until they finally cycle to his—the keeper’s aged circumstance whereby gravity makes an issue of getting up out of his recliner.

The great minds of Galileo and Einstein have gravity all tied up with mass and interaction and black holes, which has caused the keeper to wonder if fat people, by dint of their mass, have a stronger attraction to each other than skinny people?

It follows that in his elliptical orbit the keeper would see the possibility of political mischief in the manipulation of gravity for partisan purposes, which might explain Mitch’s “heavy handedness” and the “lightweight” in the White House.

It seems possible to believe that the flat-earth crowd now occupying Federal and State positions of political opportunity might come up with a gravity-related plan to blast all the liberals off into outer space.

The keeper will be waiting in his gravity-defying recliner to see if it happens; Maybe the tide will turn.



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