Kickass and greening Wisconsin

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, fresh from a

windshield survey with Phyllis up into the central portions of the state, reports that the gerrymandered, screw-the-public legislature in Madison and a GOP congressional contingent in Washington with the brainpower and ambitions of an NRA stink tank, have been ineffective in totally denying the TRUTH: there will be a green Wisconsin summer despite such an overwhelming national surge of Repub political stupidity that earthquake sensors have been set off: Imagine wanting to be POTUS and picking a fight with Mickey Mouse, or blaming your criminal indictment on Hillary, or voting to deny food to hungry kids and security to old people!

Now, as once was the case, Wisconsin should be considered as the place where ignorance and narcissism come to die, smothered by the truth in the rich lush greening of summer.

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