Kickass and gun insanity

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that by applying the same inane reasoning that the 2nd Amendment gun-nuts use to justify carrying a 30-clip, people-killer down Main street, all modern vehicles need to be equipped with horse diapers to keep the streets clear of horse crap.

There is indeed a mental health issue, a cultural-wide diagnosis of accepting the time-warped perception that it is okay to stand in a grocery line behind some jerk carrying a loaded assault weapon, or to listen to 2nd Amendment blather from an NRA dimwit who is pointing a rifle at the kids.

This is insanity with the inmates in charge, the same ones who flaunt their ignorance with “thoughts and prayers” and deny that when cow-crap gets into the ground water it will taste funny, and the solution to global warming is to give the rich a tax break.

The keeper will be ordering a horse-diaper for the 2020 Subaru he and Phyllis use to get back and forth to the general store where they shop for essentials like eggs and wine.

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