Kickass and gun insanity

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joined the keeper in reacting to the police report of a “serious injury” shooting in the peaceful, school-saturated westside neighborhood where he and Phyllis live in a retirement facility called Vista West.

The shooting victim later died, and two suspects are in custody.

This follows within days of the young car salesman being fatally shot in a Middleton dealership several miles to the north of Vista West. A suspect is also in custody in that case.

Madison police chief Michael Koval said the most recent shooting occurred within 100 feet of a playground and is across the street from a sprawling school complex. Some news photos showed the Vista West building in the background.

This kind of thing “has no place in a peaceful Madison community,” Koval said; and added that last year 340 illegal guns were removed from Madison streets.

Gun insanity rules; the keeper and Phyllis can see it and hear it from their balcony.

How utterly demoralizing!


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