Kickass and hamburger forehead

Kickass, the doorstop dog, sympathizes with the keeper as his forehead takes on the appearance of raw hamburger in response to a proactive skin cancer treatment prescribed by the VA dermatologists.  Timed to coordinate with Phyllis’s UW cancer treatment regimen that calls for quarantining, the keeper will be out of public view as much as possible, sparing him the knowing looks from acquaintances that say, “There is now visual proof that your cranial cavity—as we have long suspected, is full of raw hamburger.”

Phyllis’s treatment regimen runs on into mid-December, and it is pretty obvious what she and the keeper want for Christmas: If, in addition to successful treatment response for Phyllis, Santa could heal up the keeper’s hamburger forehead that would be much appreciated: It has never been a great thrill for him to see himself in a mirror, but it is now downright scary.

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