Kickass and hanging globe

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes the keeper’s reluctance to accept the inevitable limitations forced on him by aging; and announces that following a recent experience, he will not be installing any anchors in the ceiling ever again.

For one thing, he has no business getting any farther up off the floor than the thickness of carpeting, and if he does manage to stand on top of a desk, how is he supposed to use a drill or a screwdriver when it is essential for him to hang onto the wall with both hands?

But he wanted to hang a St. Vinny’s-purchased globe in their home office where he and Phyllis could see it and be reminded about just where they fit into the worldly scheme of things.

A five-minute task took the shank of an afternoon, but there is now a world globe hanging from the office ceiling.  Some suspension adjustment may be necessary since the keeper’s view of the globe from his chair gives him the impression that he is in Australia.

The lesson for the day is to respect floors–don’t get down on one without a plan for getting back up off it, and don’t get any higher above one than the thickness of shoe soles.

         (If you are too young to relate to respecting floors and recognizing age limitations, be patient, and some day it will all come to you–if you are lucky.)

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