Kickass and hearing aids

Kickass, the doorstop dog, accustomed to the keeper’s fumbling through life, now observes how he tries to adjust to the latest attempt by the VA and the tech world to keep him in the relevance mix by issuing him the very latest in hearing aids.

That may be akin to issuing a tennis racket to a cat, or something like that. A cat doesn’t play tennis and the keeper doesn’t listen.  It is that simple according to his take on what he thinks of as his “selective hearing” technique.

The problem that technique posed was that the keeper was apparently not “selecting” Phyllis voice as something he was choosing to hear, at least not with enough frequency.

So now the new hearing devices necessitate a change from “selective hearing” to “total listening,” on the keeper’s part.

That may be too much for him, but for Phyllis’s sake he plans to try his best, while searching the net for evidence of a tennis-playing cat.

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