Kickass and Heights Vet day

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports on behalf of the keeper that he–the keeper does not remember a Veterans Day when he felt so honored and privileged as the most recent one when he was invited to be a guest of the Wisconsin Heights School where he was escorted to his seat by four great grandchildren: Trevor, Tylor, Margo and River, and then watched with Phyllis as old vets performed patriotic ceremonies, the high school band played, the elementary school choir sang, everyone saluted the flag and it was just one bang up job by everyone.

Some serious closet shrinkage had happened to the keeper’s old Ike jacket and he could not wear it to the Vets Day event.  But he brought it along anyway because it was the first chance in 70 years for him to show off his medals, and the hosts at Height said it was okay.

What a day!

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