Kickass and Herd Stupidity

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, in trying to be fair, says that the POTUS does indeed have a plan for managing the coronavirus: it is called “Herd Stupidity” (HS) and it has been in place since way before Covid19 was even a problem, actually beginning when the POTUS made his famous “grab-women” statement, and women still voted for him.

Through his term in office, when he told 20,000 lies and removed any shred of decency and compassion from the presidency, Herd Stupidity has served the POTUS amazingly well, allowing him to convince his herd that sacrificing grandpa and grandma to painful and lonely deaths, and suffering debilitating disease by the millions are considered patriotic acts that will be rewarded with a red MAGA cap and maybe an AK47 for use in poll watching.

In its extreme, Herd Stupidity is no better displayed than in these days just prior to the Nov. 3 election, when Covid19 cases and deaths are at record heights across most of the country, including Wisconsin, and yet the POTUS says the deadly virus is done and it is time to celebrate.

Herd Stupidity encourages suffering from hypothermia and heat stroke at airport rallies, and discourages mask wearing as an impediment to sneezing disease droplets on more and more herd members.

Herd Stupidity has the herd headed for the edge of the cliff and only an aroused electorate can save it.  Kickass says if dogs could vote, he would.


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