Kickass and high speed rail to Nigeria

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper hopes to ride Wisconsin’s high-speed train—from Madison to Nigeria as soon as the Repubs get the rails down, which is being done by a company headed by Scott Walker who, as Wisconsin governor, cancelled a $823 million Federal grant that would have financed high-speed trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison and Minneapolis.

Defaulting on the contract to build the trains cost Wisconsin another $59 million; and

is in keeping with the Walker-led Repubs $10 billion Mt. Pleasant Foxconn fiasco where it is rumored a giant ark is being built as a global-warming protection measure.  Boarding passes for the Ark—which is called the “USS Noahnothing,”—will require pairing up with rich narcissistic yahoos, or consorting with the likes of Walker, Vos, Gablemen and other members of the USS Noahnothing crew.

The keeper’s travel plans do not include ark travel, but he will be talking to Phyllis about the enticing possibility of riding Wisconsin’s high-speed rail to Nigeria.

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