Kickass and higher powers

Kickass the Doorstop Dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says his keeper would like to share a couple of the things that typically happen to members of his age group, with the thought in mind that sharing may ease the burden.  So he bought a combination lock (one 4-letter code word) to secure the spare tire to his boat trailer, and then immediately lost the tag key and forgot the word, but remembered that it started with “D.”  He thought it might be “Duck,” but it wasn’t and so he sawed the new lock off and then found the tag which showed the secret word to be “Dusk.”

Example No. 2.  The keeper spent considerable money and time constructing a flyrod carrier for the top of his car because flyrods are expensive and he has had experience with breaking them.  The carrier was not pretty but seemed to do the job until he retrieved his flyrod several days later and found the tip broken off: a total mystery and the kind of thing that makes old men whimper and rant and wonder just what the hell the higher powers are up to.

Just think what a mess there would be if the Keeper was President of the US!


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