Kickass and Hitler for dinner

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will wait for table scraps as the keeper recalls the WWII Thanksgiving when Hitler came to dinner as the main course at Grandma and Grandpa Helgeland’s farm.

Hitler was, or had been, a big dictatorial leghorn rooster who commanded all activity in the farmyard, once chasing the keeper’s terrified younger sister Norma up the windmill ladder from which she had to be rescued by Grandma.

There was not a lot to be thankful for during those War years, when a gold star in the window was all that remained of a beloved son or brother.

The keeper, in his crassness, suggests that reading his novel “Margaret’s War,” is a way to learn how some disempowered women dealt with the war horrors men had bestowed on them.

He will send you an autographed copy if you send him 15 bucks through Paypal or at B. Stokes 150 Buena Vista Dr. Apt 523 Madison, WI 53717.

The keeper remembers that he shared a Hitler drumstick with his sister. It was obviously very tasty.

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