Kickass and homeless cricket

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper and Phyllis, while driving through Madison ‘s Reindahl park–named after a shirt-tail predecessor of the keeper’s, happened upon a couple of puzzling scenes: men playing cricket and, not far away, the remains of a homeless encampment.

There is apparently no way for the keeper to understand just how cricket is played, and there is no way for him and Phyllis to understand just how the richest country in the world has given its riches to the one percent at the top and is apparently okay with tens of thousands at the bottom forced to live in dirty, tarp-covered squalor.

Somehow, this fits with the money-driven election of narcissistic oafs who measure the public good as to how it effects the corporate tax rate.

Within the pitiful confines of the abandoned homeless Reindahl encampment are the symbolic residences of Wisconsin’s state and national congressional delegates; they—Johnson, Fitzgerald, Tiffany, Vos and others, live there with the greed-infected rats.

And the inexplicable political “cricket” game goes on and on!






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