Kickass and human acceptance

Kickass, the doorstop dog, sympathizes with the keeper’s dilemma of waking up each day to a growing list of things that he and Phyllis must accept as members of the human race: Here it is for Nov. 13, 2023!

         *Dead kids under the rubble of war.

         *400 million guns in the US civilian population of 340 million.

         *Women willing to vote for someone who says it is okay to grab their privates.

         *Permitting the profit-pollution of fresh-water aquifers to the point of poisoning home wells.

         *Narcissistic idiots making or not making decisions from positions of “leadership” that create misery for millions.

         *Impossibly arrogant, unneutered men preventing women from controlling their own bodies.

         *Unopenable packaging.

         *A high-tech world of self-steering cars that nags about keeping hands on the steering wheel.

         *Dead kids under the rubble of war.

 It comes back to that, and nothing else should be on the list to go from accept to unacceptable. But it’s just another “accept” day in the super intelligent human race: Nov. 13, 2023!

         “Be a dog,”Kickass suggests. “They don’t kill their puppies.”

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