Kickass and ice fishing patience

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper’s advice to Wisconsin residents to use their vast ice-fishing and deer-stand experience as they wait for something to happen on the vote counting scene.  Sitting immobile next to a hole in the thick ice of a lake waiting for a pea-brained life form to make a move, or perched on a stool in a remote wooded area expecting that a sheep-brained animal may meander by, these very popular Wisconsin pastimes have conditioned the state populace to spend endless amounts of time doing something seen as mind-numbing—even dumb, by many nonresident observers.

These observers obviously do not understand.  Wisconsin residents know that eventually a big walleye will show up or a trophy buck will wander by, and believing in such possibilities makes it easy now to wait out the vote counters, particularly since there are indications of a change in the Wisconsin wind.

It’s early to reach for the Korbel flask, but not too early to make sure of its location.


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