Kickass and icy spots

Kickass. the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that the Wisconsin winter’s attempt to personalize itself by designating a patch of ice for each and every citizen as their very own to slip and fall on at some unexpected point—this technique for acceptance and even approval is sneaky and it is not improving the image of the Wisconsin winter.  The patch of individually designated ice, perhaps cleverly disguised as snow, may not be a player until one day when it suddenly is there under an incautious foot, and—BAM! the foot owner is on his or her ass with maybe a broken hip or wrist or even a skull fracture.  Kickass suggests impeaching the Wisconsin winter for such sneaky tactics, pointing out that it is akin to the POTUS bad-mouthing the respected presidential impeachment witness while she is giving testimony.  So here’s the deal: try to find your own personal icy spot and stay the hell away from it until spring, or until decency returns to the White House, whichever comes first.

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