Kickass and I’m a peach

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is assisting the keeper in his efforts to get something out of these confusing impeachment days by using some of the “impeachment” letters to create the “I’m a peach” union of personal improvement.  The simple code of conduct for membership requires that upon hearing the word “impeachment,” the phrase, “I’m a peach,” is to be repeated in an authoritative tone of voice until the speaker’s self image is improved to the point that he or she can not only get through the day without sobbing but actually might occasionally smile.  It is the thinking of Kickass and the keeper that it is critical for citizens to stop moping around about the political absurdity they now live with, and instead view themselves with enough positive energy to wield a political pooper scooper while chanting “I’m a peach,” and singing that old Mac Davis song, “Oh Lord but it’s hard to be humble,” or maybe Roger Miller’s “King of the Road.”


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