Kickass and insanity plea


Kickass, the doorstop dog, with his unique sources of inside dope, reveals that the latest defense of the anti-impeachment crowd is to be a collective plea of insanity, based on the fact that people in their right mind would never follow a narcissistic wizard of Oz character who does not have a heart, brain, courage or compassion.  Further evidence of their mass insanity is their belief that the Yellow Brick Road, as paved by the greed-crazed one percent, is the way to go for everyone, including   those working three minimum wage jobs just to survive.  If the insanity plea is accepted by the courts, all of the anti-impeachers, along with their leader, will be confined to the trashy Florida White House behind a fence built and paid for by Mexico, while they sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow, under the direction of their wizard.

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