Kickass and Irish drunks

Kickass, the doorstop dog, does his best to divert the keeper’s Patrick’s Day thought process—as shaky as it tends to be, away from remembering the St. Pat’s day long ago when, as a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, the keeper wrote that the rest of the world was tired of stumbling over drunken Irish celebrants and it was time for them to shape up. My god! The keeper says it was if he had called down the wrath of god. There were calls for him to be deported or thrown into the green Chicago River, and comments that he had no more sense of humor than one of the snakes that had been driven out of Ireland. A high profile Chicago radio commentator went on for 15 minutes suggesting that the keeper was in need of therapy. When the green dust had settled, the keeper concluded that the St. Pat’s Day column had proved that his Norwegian genes on his mother’s side obviously dominated the Yankee mix from his father’s side where some Irish genes lurked. Given that, it might be logical to assume that the keeper would know enough to keep his mouth shut on St. Patrick’s Day. He doesn’t.<br />
<em>(See for more Kickass and news of the novel MARGARET’S WAR.) </em>

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